The age of the super information highway is here. Busy as we all are, we still need some R&R. Browsing has become part of our lives whether on laptops, desktops or smartphones. You can sit in the dentist’s waiting room and plan your next camping holiday right there and then.

Our Website intends to provide an informative platform to all "outdoorsy" people, from camping 101 through to driving yourself to Angola to camp.

Maybe you are yearning to camp, but mom is not convinced that camping can be more fun than a 5 star lodge. It might take a little convincing, but there are so many products available to make camping more comfortable that the most important camping equipment no longer consist of a shovel and a roll of toilet paper.

"Camping Is Fun" will endeavour to bring interesting articles, lifestyle features, product reviews, great destinations, camping recipes and much more to your desktop.

We aim to encourage camping and nature conservation in South Africa as well as beyond our borders. "Camping Is Fun" is a work in progress, so look out for new additions to our site every month.

As we grow, the site will become more and more interactive. Your opinions are valued and we can learn from each other through practical camping experience.

New camping "toys" are introduced to the market daily and by presenting them to you on this site, you can browse not only to find out what is available, but also where to find it.

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