LED Lighting from Lumeno
LED Lighting from Lumeno
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Tel: (011) 452 2855
Tel: (011) 452 5380

Premium Light Bars: Premium Light Bars:






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Spot Lights: Spot Lights:








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Flexible Range:



Aluminium Open Range 12V:

Aluminium Diffused Range 12V:

Aluminium Dual Range 12V: Aluminium Tri Colour 12V:

Aluminium Dimmable range 12V:

Aluminium 220V range: LED Downlights:


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NiteCoreSA offers some of the best quality LED lighting equipment in South Africa.

Precision-made, these ultra strength flashlights are manufactured to the highest standards.

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The NiteCore EA4 is a brilliantly made, convincingly bright little handheld torch producing 860 Lumens (ANSI/NEMA FN-1 standard) from just 4x AA batteries. (High quality 2700mAh rechargeable ni-mh recommended).

The body is constructed from a single piece of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy which results in a strong dependable robust Unibody.

With a primary beam reaching 283m and ample of radiant clear crisp white light, it’s Nightcore’s answer for those who want to feel the power, but from a form factor that is much smaller than a deodorant can while still utilizing readily available AA batteries.
The two stage switch will easily allow for changing brightness levels with the tap of a finger. It’s a must have for the serious outdoorsman.

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