Campworld Dealers

TJM in Silver Lakes Pretoria now boasts a Campworld Dealership.

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TJM Pretoria East
Silver Lakes
Tel: (012) 809-0090

Tel: (012) 809-0090
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TJM Pretoria East
Silver Lakes


All these products are available at TJM Pretoria East, Silver Lakes


































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Pretoria Caravans and Campworld
Pretoria Caravans is legend in Pretoria.

Their service is excellent and you can find anything you want regarding camping right there.

Meet the team.

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012 329 2259 

Pretoria Caravans and Campworld has a long and proud history and has been serving the needs of the camping industry for decades .   

They are situated in Gezina, no 333, corner Johan Heyns and Jacobs streets, Pretoria.


Pretoria Caravans and Campworld still offers some of the best camping equipment available in SA.

The helpful staff at Pretoria Caravans and Campworld can and will assist any client with the best advice who are recognised as one of the replica omega watches uk country's leading authorities on caravans and accessories.

They stock a wide variety of Jurgens, Gypsey, Sprite, Safaris Off-Road caravan and Jurgens trailers.

They further offer a certified Campworld Shop with a factory-authorised workshop.

Their Campworld Shop is one of the largest Howling Moon outlets.


The fully fledged workshop is responsible for preparing new and pre-owned caravans for delivery. 

The team provides the best service and technical advice on all makes and models of caravans and trailers. 

With hard work and dedication they ensure that the highest standards are maintained. 

Their work involves the servicing, resealing, rebuilding of caravans, curing water leaks, repairing of wood rot and insurance repairs.  


Meet and the TEAM!

This dedicated team of sales people has contributed hugely to the loyalty instilled in their clients who are welcomed with smiles and knowledge.

Their stock levels on the new and pre-owned range of caravan and trailers are always sufficient as to cater for all needs.

The Campworld shop also is jam-packed with anything and everything an outdoor and camping enthusiast can imagine of owning.


Adri Conradie
Dealer Principle
082 450 5915

Adri is a girl on the move and has no qualms over hooking up a caravan and hitting the road on her own.

She has been a member of cheap swiss replica watches a caravan club for ages and is also a very able cook.  Look out for some camping recipes we will publish in the near future.


Jacqui Jordaan
Sales consultant
072 478 5506

Gerrie Jordaan
Sales consultant
082 359 4613


Call Adri Conradie
Dealer Principle
082 450 5915

Pretoria Caravans and Campworld
Campworlds Big5!

Tygerberg Caravans:
Ben Barber.

Natal Caravans & Marine:
Brian and Geoff Courtis

Kempton Caravans:
Larry Kreuiter

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes:
Allan Vos

GC Caravans in Witbank:
Gordon Hammond

Big 5


Hooting Hot



    Well, 5 Maharishi from the   

    (Guru’s  off course,  should you
        not be glib in Hindi)
    ...formed an alliance offering

    campers over 180 years     combined  outdoor experience

   So, who are we?…. Some may know us already.  For those who     don’t, you should.                                                                                                                    
The Big 5 Guys say:

  • You cannot beat experience
  • We are professional and have quality personnel
  • We give excellent  after sales service
  • We have top notch, super A grade workshops.
  • Because we are based in 5 major locations in SA, you could find us around your corner
  • Our stores are fully stocked.
  • We hold the full range of Jurgens, Sprite and Gypsy caravans, Safaris off-road caravans and trailers, as well as pre-owned caravans sold with warranties plus ....
  • Free Roadside assistance.
Tygerberg Caravans

Ben Barber

His friends call him Ben for short

Brackenfell Boulevard,
Western Cape,

Tel:    021 982 4670
Fax:  021 982 4674
GPS: S33°51.703' E18°41.023'


Natal Caravans and Marine

Brian and Geoff

Geoff is not in the pic because he took it
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6 Kirk Road,

Tel:    0317027291
Fax:  0317027209
GPS: S29º 48.753' E30º 51.022'

Kempton Caravans

Larry Kreuiter

Larry has great Hat-titude

7-9 Sheri Str,
Harmelia, Germiston,

Tel:    011 974 5595/6/7/8
Fax:  011 974 1289
GPS: S26º 08.452' E28º 11.317'

Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes

Allan Vos

Allan should  be known as Vos-Struis as he is a birder you know?

6 Ontdekkers Road,

Tel:   011 664 7000 011 664 7000
Fax:  086 632 7386
GPS: S26º 07.668' E27º 50.205

 GC Caravans Witbank

Gordon Hammond

"Nice Boss" I'm told!


Pioneer Road
Ext 16

Tel:      013 697 5121 013 697 5121/2
Fax:     013 692 5020
GPS:    S25º 54.839' E29º 14.050'


Sunseeker Alberton
Suneeker Alberton has been a beacon in the industry for many years.

Visit Sunseeker Alberton for all your camping equipment needs!

Marius Els 079 719 5488

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Marius Els 079 719 5488


New & Used Caravans, Trailers, Camping Gear & Tents!

Sunseeker Alberton in Johannesburg Gauteng is an authorised caravan and trailer dealer offering you New and Used Caravans, Motorhomes, Trailers, Tents, Camping Equipment, Caravan Accessories, Outdoor Gadgets and Gear for Sale.

Our brands include Jurgens caravans, Gyspey caravans, Sprite caravans, Sprite Tourer dirt road caravans, Jurgens Safari off road caravans, Howling Moon tents, Jurgens luggage trailers and Jurgens Safari off road trailers.


Sunseeker Alberton
Loftus Caravan City and Campworld
Loftus Caravan City and Campworld
Loftus Caravan City was started 22 years ago by JH Loftus senior and his three sons Woody, Neil and Joel...

Loftus Caravan City and Campworld has an extensive range of camping equipment!

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Loftus Caravan City

A world of difference
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On a recent visit to Loftus Caravan City in Randburg, we thought we would try and determine what it is that has contributed to this dealership becoming one of the biggest selling Campworld dealers in South Africa for the past 8 years.
Besides being one of the top selling dealers, they have also been awarded dealer of the year, and many other awards in the past.

Loftus Caravan City has an extensive range of camping equipment!



Loftus Caravan City was started 22 years ago by JH Loftus senior and his three sons Woody, Neil and Joel. When asked, the three brothers in unison attribute their success to ensuring customer satisfaction and keeping clients happy.  Loftus has earned a reputation for excellent client service and have clients who come from far and wide to not only buy from their well stocked Campworld shop, but also to have their caravans serviced and repaired.


LED Lenser Gift Packs

The company started as a family business and this has not changed.  Twenty-two years ago, HL Loftus senior and his three sons Woody, Neil and Joel created a foundation to service the outdoors and caravanning community in Randburg. Throughout the years they have witnessed the changes in the industry and have a growing base of clients inclusive of all communities.
Loftus Caravan City rates first out of 36 dealers on the national customer satisfaction index. They believe it is important that their customers feel at home and valued, no matter what they purchase.



Range of "Just add water" mixes ideal for camping!


Service, and after sales service has always been a priority at Loftus. There are times when things go wrong, but when they do, it is taken very seriously. “The focus is always to correct any problem and retain the client, who in the end enables us to maintain and expand our business” says Woody.  Being a family business further lends itself to build personal relationships with their clients and in many instances, clients become friends.
Even after 22 years, the business and the industry remains everyone’s passion.  This is evident when dealing with anyone of the staff members – they are well informed and are fully able to assist any client with whatever needs he may have.


KanuLock:  Stainless steel reinforced lockable straps


Woody commented that they all still enjoy and get excited about the products they sell. The company relies heavily on its staff, which has mostly been with the dealership for many years and have all built up their own loyal client base.  The staff is almost always included or consulted in any major decision making process.  This further enhances the family business experience.


A full range of LUMENO light strips and LED lighting


The dealership is committed to catering for all your outdoor needs, from the smallest tent to the largest caravan, and everything in between. A person can also shop here for a wide variety of camping and caravanning accessories. Should you need servicing, repairs or modifications done, it can all be done at the dealership.



True Utility In Your Pocket range

Waco 12V filter coffee machine


Range of Ctek battery products

Great Camping accessory: Glow Worms for tent ropes

Kovea hiking gas lamp

Power Caps ideal for camping.  Batteries available

Variety of camping gas stoves


Range of Snappy Chef cook wear and kettles

Sniper 800 Lumens high performance torch

Benoni Caravans and Campworld
Benoni Caravans is based in the East Rand, Gauteng.

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Benoni Caravans


When visiting Benoni Caravans, you will be greeted by one of the Jagarnath family members; dad Pinky, son Duran, or daughter Rheeya.

Meet the team
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Pinky got involved in the business of camping when he started first as stores receiving clerk and later as national materials manager doing the buying in the warehouse at Jurgens head office.  

During his tenure at Jurgens CI between 1978 and 1993, Pinky accrued so much knowledge of the industry that it was a natural progression for him to buy Benoni Caravans and in 1995. 


You are welcomed at Benoni Caravans
and Campworld by a well-stocked
shop and beautiful displays. 

Pinky Jagarnath is well known throughout the camping industry
and work closely with other dealerships.  

Benoni Caravans is a very successful family-owned business which means all clients are afforded personal time and therefore excellent service. 

As a matter of fact, their very first certificate was awarded to them for excellence in this category.



Caravan breaking system:
In the full upright position the system is locked and the caravan can not be pushed.



Servicing a caravan is vital especially when you don’t use the caravan regularly. 

Even a brand new caravan should be checked before embarking on a trip. 

Pinky is adamant that owners of caravans should not attempt servicing their own caravans especially when it comes to the greasing of bearings as well as making adjustments to a caravan’s breaking system. 

It is vital for the safety of the entire family to rather have it done by professionals.




Caravan breaking system:
The first click position indicates that the caravan can still be pushed backwards but will no go forward.


Benoni Caravans and Campworld offer the full range of service detail and ensure through a comprehensive checklist that all is well with whatever is towed. 

Pinky and his team also provide the service of tent repairs, alterations and modifications.

Benoni Caravans have the experience to do modifications to caravans as well as re-build older caravans to suit the requirements of
individual customers.



Customisation of caravans is nothing new to the
men' replica watches Jagarnath's.

Here is a caravan customised for a neighbouring country and will be used as a mobile bank.

You are therefore in safe hands should you want modifications done to your caravan.

Have a look at some of the products available at Benoni Caravans and Campworld:

Besides their extensive range of camping equipment, spares and accessories, Benoni Caravans is renowned for stocking camping gadgets and equipment unique to them.  Pinky is very knowledgeable when it comes the buying of product ranges and stock the right amount of the right items at the right time.
Coleman Cooler Box:
Fold-up foam mattress:
Camping coffee percolator:
Roll-up Foam mattress:

Pink Stuff:

Mini Geza:

Portable Satellite Kit:
Mini Kettle set:
This mini stove for the kettle runs off petrol!

Mini Rotisserie:
Non Stick Pan:
Gas Geizers:
Available in:
5 Litre
8 Litre
12 Litre

Caravan Side Mirrors:
Benoni Caravans and Campworld
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